The process to follow when you wish to sign into your Hotmail account is a simple and straight forward one such as:

  • Log onto your web browser and type in or
  • You will be taken to the sign in page for Outlook that also serves as the login page for all Microsoft services.
  • The first page requires username to be typed into the first login panel. Here one needs to fill in the email address as the username after which one needs to proceed to the next page.
  • On the next page you need to key in the password which is a case sensitive field and hence, the password needs to be keyed in correctly.
  • Once the password is keyed in correctly, one can proceed to complete the sign in proceed by clicking on the sign in button.
  • Now, one gets access to their Hotmail inbox where one can check the unread messages and send emails and so forth.

Staying signed in

This is another option that one can opt for when signing into their Hotmail account. This option is found under the password panel bar. Once this feature is activated, one’s email account will open up when one visits their Hotmail account by typing in the’s web address. This useful option should be used only in certain instances. Such as, when one logs in through a dedicated computer, they can keep this option checked. It is best that this option is not activated when one is logged in through a public computer. This leads to your login session remaining open and the next person who opens the link of your email account will be able to access your email correspondence.

If you wish to stay logged into your Hotmail account use the steps below:

  • Log on to on your web browser.
  • When you find the first login page, key in your username or email address and move on to the next page.
  • Here you would be asked to key in your account password. Below this option you will find the checkbox for staying logged in or keeping you signed in.
  • The sign in button comes up next and you will be directed to your email inbox by clicking on this box.

Once this option is checked, you will not have to login and key in your username and password every time.

The two step verification sign in feature of Hotmail

This is a procedure that is offered by Microsoft to help step up security features for one’s email account. This can help safeguard the login process to one’s account as well as to prevent hackers from being able to access your account or infiltrating the same. The two step verification process needs to be activated. For that one needs to log into their Hotmail account and access the security settings on the account page. The two step verification process also requires one to enter a secret code that is sent to a registered phone number or an email address. Once this code is keyed in then only access is granted to one’s Hotmail account. The procedure to activate the two step verification process is as follows:

  • One needs to visit the website on their web browser.
  • Here they need to sign in by following the instructions.
  • The first page requires one to log in using the full email address in the username field.
  • The second page will seek your Hotmail account password.
  • Once these two steps are completed, one can log into their Hotmail account and visit their account settings.
  • Here one will find the security settings section; in order to activate the two step verification process one is asked to key in additional details like a valid phone number, alternate email address and update other personal information like choosing two security questions to answer which can also be used to recover one’s account password.
  • When one updates an alternate email address or phone number, they are asked to verify the same. For the phone number verification a code is sent as a text message to the phone which needs to be keyed in. The email address can be verified by keying in the code sent to the email address inbox.
  • Once these updates are done, the two step verification feature can be activated for one’s account.

Using access code feature on Hotmail

There is another way, one can secure their login process on Hotmail and not have to remember their login password. The access code feature can be activated by syncing one’s phone with one’s email account. There is a bar code provided in the account settings that needs to be scanned by your phone. Once the synchronization is done, one can log into their account by using the access code feature that includes a code synchronization that is done with one’s email and the phone and it overrides the requirement to key in the password.

Changes in Hotmail account

The today Hotmail domain does not have a separate existence. To access your Hotmail account, you need to login through the unified login panel on Here one will need to key in their email address in full in the username section. Once this is done, followed by the password on the next page, the login process into Hotmail is complete. If you are looking to create a new Hotmail account, it is possible by using the interface:

  • When one comes to the sign in page, here one can find the link to create a new account.
  • When this link is clicked upon, you can proceed to create a new account under Microsoft.
  • The fields are basic that comprise of choosing a username for one’s account and a password that should be at least eight characters in length, of special characters and so forth.
  • Once the username and password is chosen, one would be asked which domain they want their email address in.
  • They can choose to have the email address under Hotmail or Outlook though they would get the account on the Outlook domain.
  • Once this choice is made and other mandatory information is filled in, the account creation process is deemed complete.

There are certain security features that need to be keyed in for one’s account details to be completed. Not only does a user need to conform to the terms and conditions of the account creation page, but also key in the captcha code that occurs before their account creation process is completed. The account security details need to be updated such as providing an alternate email address, a phone number where validation codes are sent which need to be keyed in to register such information in one’s account.

Once the above steps are completed, the creation of a Hotmail account is deemed complete. For those who wish to start using their new Hotmail account, they can proceed to bookmark the website on their web browser or list of favorites.

Features of Hotmail account

Today, Hotmail account users can enjoy the new inbox layout and features of Outlook such as:

  • There is an easy way to organize emails into folders or have correspondence segregated into a focused section or swipe them as clutter.
  • The new Hotmail account helps you to get your social media accounts integrated. All updates, conversations and posts can be found here to which one can reply, comment and make new posts directly from the inbox.
  • The Office suite offered by Microsoft makes it easy to create, edit and share documents, spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations with others.

The above points showcase the usefulness of the new Hotmail accounts. There is more you can do with your Hotmail account today. Hence, it is best to get one’s old Hotmail account reactivated and use it regularly to get the maximum benefit out of the new email interface.